Topos Outdoor

Building an off road cycling brand and retail experience from scratch.


Building a Brand

Building on the success of City Grounds, I was tasked with creating a new brand and cycling shopping experience that catered to the off-road cyclist and overall adventurist. Topos Outdoor was soon born out of endless hours of research, sketching, and planning. The result of all of that work is a look and style that is catered to the outdoor cycling community from the logo to the e-commerce experience.

With the name of the new company being Topos, short for topography, the building of the brand centered around reflecting the outdoors including a handdrawn / rustic logo, topographic patterned backgrounds, and an overall earthy color palette.


E-Commerce Experience

When it came to designing and building out the e-commerce website, I was tasked with the challenge of creating an experience that catered to both the mountain and road cyclist. Another challenge as a brand new company was to instantly convey to the customer exactly who we are and what we are selling.


Getting Custom

Using the City Grounds site as a base template, we strove to create a unique look and feel that felt fresh and different to our new customers. The main challenge was to capitalize on what we already had but spin it (no pun intended) in a brand new way.

After building out the necessary e-commerce flow such as the collections, product, and checkout pages. I set out to create supplemental pages that would help to build trust with our visitors and expand their time on the site. This included building out a number of informational pages as well as a section for news on the blog..

Check out the Topos Outdoor website and social media channels to see the designs in action by clicking the links below: